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Learn about the advantages and disadvantages of living close to the store

Learn about the advantages and disadvantages of living close to the store


Comfort, quality of life and less time in traffic are some of the factors that make people look for more convenient places to live. The places close to shopping centers are some of the most chosen to achieve all these advantages!

The convenience and comfort of living close to these centers can be a powerful tool when choosing your property. Now, do you know the advantages and disadvantages of this type of choice?

With this content, it will be possible to see:

-? Advantages and disadvantages of being close to the trade -? Areas of your life that can be affected by this choice -? How to make better decisions about the direction of your investments

Convenience – How being close to shopping centers improves quality of life

Life in large urban centers has become a real race. A thousand things to be done in just 24 hours. In addition to the distance between these tasks, which sometimes prevents them from being done in this short period.

However, living near a shopping center can provide you with this convenience. Routine tasks like grocery shopping, buying home supplies, or school supplies can be done quickly and conveniently.

Also, the wide range of products offered in shopping centers is another differential. Any type of need can be easily addressed.

Location – A good choice guarantees more time and values ​​the property

Mobility directly affects routine. Sometimes, it becomes one of the biggest problems related to the quality of life in big cities. Increased stress and lost working time are some of the consequences of this inefficient mobility.

A good choice can save you from all these challenges! Like, for example, choosing a property close to the workplace. This type of option offers you real alternatives to solve some of the daily challenges, such as:

# losing less time in traffic # Gaining time to do other tasks # improve the circulation of other people in the city

In addition, with the saving of time out of traffic, you can better enjoy shopping centers close to home. After all, there is no point in a shopping center that is always closed, right?

Also, the valuation of the property is one of the main advantages of living close to a shopping center. With the ease of reaching essential services and businesses, the property adds value, which translates into high gains when selling or renting.

Thus, living close to services such as bakeries, barbers, beauty salons, banks, shopping malls, schools, and even close to work can add great benefits in the long run.

Safety – Movement is an alternative for greater peace of mind on the way home

Another advantage to be listed when buying a property near shopping centers is the movement. This movement is essential when it comes to bringing comfort and security to the family on arrival and departure from the property.

That’s because with shopping centers, better lighting is built into the sidewalks. In addition to the greater number of people, which increase the circulation of the place and turn it into a guarded environment.

This flow is fundamental to inhibiting assaults and coercing suspicious attitudes. Another point to be taken into account is business hours. Generally, those who live close to shops and services can sleep peacefully at night. After all, only the next morning will there be noise coming from the stores.

Disadvantages – Find out which points can affect the value of your property and be aware when choosing

Just as living close to a mall can seem incredible, this choice also has its share of downsides. One of the main reasons is, precisely, the great movement.

Generally, this movement is used by entrepreneurs to open bars, concert halls and nightclubs. This type of service, despite its advantages, can bring exaggerated noise during rest hours.

If the bar receives a lot of traffic, this can sometimes block or hinder the flow of people on the sidewalk and the flow of cars on the streets. Also, this type of establishment has a long period of stay on the part of the public, which entails fewer places to park on the street, if there is no specific parking.

Even though it is sometimes a personal choice, many tend to choose locations not so close to shopping centers. The argument is that places with services very close can disrupt the tranquility of the property.

However, the malls – the most famous and traditional shopping centers in the city – precisely because they have safe entertainment, air conditioning, leisure, restaurants and trade in products and services, tend to value the properties around them.