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Launches and Parks: Learn the advantages of having more green around!

Launches and Parks: Learn the advantages of having more green around!

Vila Madalena knows the neighborhood

New releases are always a hot topic within the real estate market. Clients of all types are looking for ways to finance, buy, rent or even move to a brand new property that improves their quality of life.

With an ever-increasing quality standard, they bring trends, concepts and values ​​for all tastes. Now, have you ever imagined living in a launch near a green area?

These areas can be composed of parks, forest reserves, or even preservation areas. However, they bring a unique differentiation to the property. However, we will give special focus to the parks – real differentiators in the middle of the rock jungle.

Do you want to know what advantages a property close to a park can bring to you and your family? Read on!

Disputed property – The development’s rarity and unique vision contribute to the quality of life

Everyone can imagine that famous development on the beach, overlooking the sea, right? While some have the dream of living breathing the winds of the coast, others have the dream of a property equivalent to this one, only in the city: The property with a view of the park

Being able to delight in the birds singing in the morning and the breeze of fresh morning air entering the lungs, fulfill the requirements of many when it comes to starting the day right. Not least, this type of project is rare in big cities.

That’s because green spaces in cities are scarce and sometimes limited. What makes the developments in its surroundings unique? One of the strengths to be considered when acquiring these properties is the view.

This type of property has a unique view of the city, and the green around it. Because the park guarantees that no other development will be built in front of your apartment. In other words, your view will never be blocked by any other skyscraper that is being launched, going forward.

All these factors help to increase the quality of life. But not only have these points ensured that life around the park will be different. The interaction between people and the park itself must be the main factor.

Contact with Nature – Follow some unique points of a property near the parks

In addition to the unique view of the city and the guarantee that other developments will not ruin the sunrise in your window. What causes a great appreciation of the property, as we will talk later? Other unique points of real estate built near the park are:

1st Cleaner air: Thanks to the high amount of trees and active vegetation, the air concentrated in large and medium-sized parks becomes cleaner. In turn, it is a great differential for increasing the quality of life in large urban centers.

2º fall of the Heat Islands: With parks, the drop in temperature makes the climate and environments more pleasant, also improving the quality of life in periods of excessive heat, as Heritor Rodrigues Liberator Junior, president of the Brazilian Society of Urban Trees says. , in an exclusive interview for the G1 vehicle.

“Green areas in cities help to keep the temperature lower, avoiding heat islands, which are quite common in large cities with intense urbanization”, explains Heritor Rodrigues Liberator Junior. 3rd Unique contact with nature: Anyone who has their own pet knows that pets love to walk. Being close to green areas is ideal for pets to have this unique contact with nature and also remain with a good quality of life. 4th Great environment for children: Children need space. It is essential for growth that children, of all ages, have places to play, and exercise their body, mind and imagination. The park has performed this function for generations within large cities.

5º Contributes to the practice of sports: For adults, parks provide a unique environment for community life. Besides the practice of sports that, not necessarily, could be practiced in the common areas of the condominiums.

Appreciation – Your property can bring many benefits in the long run

Launches close to parks have a different price. The variation of 10 to 40% in price, compared to similar properties, but far from the parks, shows how there can be an appreciation in the long term.

The price paid is higher, precisely for all the factors mentioned above. It is a clean view, without buildings and close to nature. In addition to being considered a “privilege” to live in such rare and scarce properties.

According to surveys carried out by the Data Zap market intelligence institute. Held in 2017. Green areas are among the main items valued by residents of large urban centers.

For 2020, the market trend is that releases, in general, will have an increase of 10% and sales will grow around 5%, according to preliminary estimates by the Housing Union – Segovia-SP.