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Is it worth buying property on the plant? Find out here!

Is it worth buying property on the plant? Find out here!


If you’ve ever thought about buying a house or apartment, then, for sure, you’ve already thought about whether it’s worth buying property on the floor plan, right? After all, the prices of this type of property purchase are lower, construction expenses can be lower compared to the finished property and not to mention the possibility of building according to your preferences. At first sight seems to be the best option, but we at Ao Cubo will find out if it’s really worth it, next!

Is it worth buying property on the plant?

Many people believe that it is worth buying property in the plant only in cases of little hurry to move house or to make a financial investment. Yes, these are great points that show that it is really worth investing in a property in the plant, but there are other factors that prove this is a great choice, they are:

1. Lowest price

In fact, the prices of properties on the plan are lower than finished and/or furnished properties, so this is the main advantage for those who want to buy a property on the plan. The ease in paying monthly installments is more flexible on the part of builders compared to owners who want to sell ready-made properties.

2. Real estate valuation

Those who want to invest in real estate can then buy a house or apartment on the plan to later profit from the property’s appreciation. Thus, when buying at a low price on the plant, you can sell at a higher price in the future and make money from this type of sale.

3. Greater possibility of customization

Nothing is better than the possibility of customizing the construction and decoration of a property with our style and tastes, isn’t it? Many construction companies allow future residents to choose the finishing materials, such as tile and coating of their choice, allowing the owner to participate in the construction process of the property.

4. New electrical and hydraulic systems

Nobody deserves to live in a house that has problems with the electrical and hydraulic system! Can you imagine taking a shower and having the shower stop offering hot water, for example? Or does the toilet flush not stop gushing water? Undoubtedly, residents of new properties purchased at the plant will not have these kinds of problems anytime soon.

5. Modern architecture and design

People who do not like the architecture and design of old properties will prefer to buy a property on the floor because new releases follow current and more modern trends. This type of purchase facilitates the possibility of making the property more innovative and futuristic, if the buyer inspects and suggests improvements to the construction company responsible for the property.

6. Updated documentation

Another headache less for those who buy the property on the plan is the ease of getting the documents, since as it has never been inhabited, the property is subject to taxes and fees from the past and the documentation will come out with the name of the first owner very easily.

7. Time to plan

Nothing is better than the time devoted to organizing and planning the decoration of the property and moving to the new home. It will be easier to move house with the new property all organized and decorated ready to receive new residents.

Disadvantages when buying property on the plant

As any purchase needs to be scored positively and negatively, so let’s show some disadvantages of choosing this option so that you can make a decision if it is still worth buying property in the plan. Are they:

1. Term of change

As mentioned, the purchase of a property on the floor plan is advisable for those who are in no hurry to move, as the construction and decoration of the property takes considerable time. So if you’re in a hurry to move, then that’s not the best choice.

2. Possible delays

The probability of delays is great when it comes to the delivery of a property to the plant, after all, problems related to the weather (rain, for example) can delay the works. Other problems such as the delay in the delivery of construction materials or lack of materials are also some of the many problems that can affect the delivery date of the property.

3. Unsafe delivery

Many people after the purchase of the property in the plant are very insecure about the result of the property and, even, whether the property will be delivered. This is because they do not trust the construction company and are afraid of not receiving the property, but the chances of this problem happening are smaller compared to the number of deliveries of ready-made properties to residents.

If there are any issues related to the delivery, then seek help from a lawyer to resolve the situation. But remember to keep all documentation and evidence about the purchase of the property.

Lack of financial instability

If you still have to pay rent and other large expenses, in addition to the monthly fees for the new property, when buying a property on the plan, then you may have financial problems. The ideal is to pay this expense if you have a stable financial life that allows the purchase of the property in the plan and other expenses outside. Do the calculations to see if it won’t weigh on your pocket!

So is it worth buying property on the plant?

We can say that yes, it is worth buying property in the plant, as the advantages and benefits are greater than the possible problems that could happen with the delivery of the property.

However, you need to make sure that you do not need to move quickly to the future property, in addition to being interested in going to make suggestions and choosing the finishes for the new property.

The wait to enter the new property is great, but you can use this time to get everything organized for the change that will take place in the future. This way, you get rid of problems that could arise without prior organization.