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Is a real estate website essential to increasing my revenue?

Is a real estate website essential to increasing my revenue?

Is a real estate website essential to increasing my revenue?

The way to close deals in the real estate market has changed a lot in recent years. The endless sales shifts at launches or the long hours working at the real estate agency are no longer enough to attract and retain customers.
Today, no one thinking about buying or renting a property leaves home before doing a thorough research on the internet.
Usually, the search goes through a real estate website. Does the real estate agency you work have a very complete page on the internet? Great. But is it enough? Check this post.

The importance of the real estate website

Yes, a good real estate website is essential to leverage your business. In addition to having a nice layout, it must be constantly updated. It needs to show complete property information and must be stocked with photos and videos. It should also be intuitive, easy to navigate, with easily accessible contact channels.

All of this is essential, but maybe it’s not enough to make your business stand out. That’s because most real estate companies and brokers already have their websites or real estate portals ready to support their business. Today, more needs to be done to really stand out.

Social networks

As essential as maintaining a good website is being present on social networks. Not just in real estate. Furthermore, for any business to be successful today, it needs to invest in its digital presence.
Social networks are a channel not only for disclosure, but also for your consumers and potential customers to meet and literally talk to brokers and real estate agencies.
Before a purchase, people research your reputation on social media, ask friends about past experiences, and review your customers’ reviews of you.
In addition to being present in these virtual environments, it is necessary to produce quality and relevant content for those who access its pages.

SAC 2.0

It’s a very important point for your reputation and your customers’ satisfaction! Not so long ago, when a consumer had a problem, he had to call a call center and wait valuable minutes to be served, and often not be able to request his problems.
Social networks have greatly facilitated contact between customers and companies, but it’s not the only channel you can use.
Another way is to create a support channel on your real estate website. The customer will be able to contact you through forms on your website.
Remember that it is necessary to train and invest in the service of whoever is responsible for this type of communication!

Facebook Ads

More than 100 million Brazilians are Facebook users, which makes a presence on the social network mandatory for any company seeking success. This can be done through an attractive page and a well-planned ad strategy, which can guarantee excellent results for those who work in the real estate market.
Facebook Ads is the tool that makes this strategy real. By making good use of it you can improve traffic to your website, boosting your business and sales. And that investing in targeted advertising for your audience’s profile, greatly improving the chances of return.
Have you seen how there are a number of actions that can boost your real estate website’s results? Would you like to know a little more about what can be done to improve the disclosure of your properties? So, please contact us.