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Interview: Mother and Daughter Decor Instagram

Interview: Mother and Daughter Decor Instagram

To celebrate Mom’s month, we at AoCubo digital real estate are going to talk about mother-daughter decor with two content creators who rock Instagram. The profile is called Nosso Ap. Rosa (@nossoaprosa) and is run by Jenifer Anduca, Financial Manager, and her daughter, Isa. We were curious to know what it’s like to have this kind of profile between mother and daughter, in addition to approaching a topic that we love: decoration. Learn more below!

Mother and daughter decoration 

The mother-daughter decor is full of love and joy, no doubt about it. After all, imagine decorating or renovating your house on the side of the person we love most in this world: our mother.

This kind of sharing of ideas with a family bond can only work very well. Our mothers know better than anyone to decorate a home, as their children have enviable boldness and creativity.

Therefore, a mother and daughter decoration can be done by several families around Brazil and we want to encourage this kind of decoration so cute!


Is it possible to have a mother-daughter decor Instagram on the internet? Jenifer (mother) and Isa (daughter) show that it is possible, yes!

With more than 65,000 followers on the photo and video sharing social network, these two have won many fans who are inspired daily by the shared tips.

On the Instagram profile @nossoaprosa, the description already shows what we’ll see: Mother and daughter living a dream! Reforma, Decor, Solo Mother, Finance and many delights for Isa to enjoy. Cute, right?

So, if you like this social network, love decorating, makeovers and want to learn a lot from this duo, follow their profile (@nossoaprosa).

We are sure you will learn a lot and have fun with Jenifer and Isa too. Besides, there’s no shortage of inspiration for the next redesign in your home.

In fact, you can get inspired and invite your mother to enjoy decorating tips and put them into practice in their homes. Everything is better with the mother together, right?

In this interview, Jenifer told us all about her mother-daughter decor Instagram.

In addition to other topics, such as the connection between mother and daughter, decorating tips and what can we expect for @nossoaprosa’s future. Check it out below!

How did the idea of ​​having an Instagram with your daughter come about?

Actually, Instagram turned out to be a wonderful surprise. When I created it, I had no idea that we would have a following and that so many wonderful people would find us. I opened the account because I wanted to keep the photos of the apartment, with the renovation step by step and our inspirations… so I used the name Isa had given to a drawing of her that was pasted on the fridge when I got divorced, the idea of ​​using a name without exposure so that my ex-husband would not have access.

Why did you choose the decoration/renovation theme?

It was the world we were living in at that moment.

Does your daughter like to help you with the decoration of the house?

Yes, we had fun doing it and it all happened piecemeal with a lot of effort… so every piece we bought or every corner we finished is being celebrated a lot.

Do ​​you feel that this commonality unites you as mother and daughter?

Absolutely yes, the history of the apartment unites us a lot, after all, there were many resignations to conquer it and it is still like that today. It’s a breakthrough for both and forever this apartment will be a milestone in our history.

What is your favorite spot in your house? Why?

The kitchen is our darling, it’s small, but it was designed with great care by both of us. In the kitchen, we had fun creating our romantic dinners, as Isa says. (Laughter)

How do you plan Instagram posts?

We didn’t plan! I always say that I want it to be light, I don’t want it to become a job, so I post what I’m experiencing at the moment and talk about the issues I’m feeling. Sometimes, I finish cleaning the house and look in a corner and say “wow, that’s beautiful”, then I feel something and post. Just like I’ve posted the bed unmade because that’s real life, we don’t feel joy all the time, so the house isn’t always tidy. I want to show my truth!

How does your daughter help you with Instagram?

Isa is the queen of food recipients, she loves to taste the delights we receive and give her opinion. In everyday life, sometimes we are watching something or she does something funny and says “Mom, show this in Stories”.

What tips would you give to someone who wants to have a decorating Instagram?

Do it for love, don’t do it thinking it will be easy, fast, it isn’t, so make your Instagram your moment of relaxation, the moment where you are doing something you really enjoy and interacting with the people who follow you. I’ve already made great friends through Insta!

What does each one like most about being an influencer on the internet?

Isa, for being 13 years old and living a lot in this internet era, loves being “known”. She loves the praise and affection she receives. As for me, what motivates me is the fact that I am able to help other women to see that they can start over, can get divorced and get rid of the abusive relationships they live. With every woman who writes to me saying she is free and happy, I feel an indescribable emotion.

What are your future plans for Instagram? 

What we most want is to be able to show our finished apartment and continue to share our real life, the good and bad moments, share my fears, successes and difficulties as a solo mother, show the evolution of Isa, who at the beginning of the year I was a child, today, already a teenager. Finally, we want to show that with a lot of love, determination and faith we can reach higher flights.