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Interview: influencer tells how to have a domestic organization

Interview: influencer tells how to have a domestic organization


Many Brazilians look for tips on home organization on the internet, including Instagram. That’s why we talked to the influencer Suely, from the Casa Limpa account, to find out everything about cleaning, organizing and decorating the house. If you want to be more committed in these areas, especially now that we are most of the time in our homes, then read this interview to the end!

The trend of home organization

Household organization is a task that consists of cleaning, organizing and decorating our homes. This theme has always been important, but it became a trend in social networks due to social isolation.

People who didn’t have time to organize the house before, can now invest in this activity. Therefore, this type of content is attracting thousands of followers on social networks.

These shared tips, in addition to keeping the house clean, changed the behavior and way of thinking of many people.

Activities associated with domestic organization gained a relationship with well-being and mental health, in addition to encouraging those who had never performed this type of service before the quarantine.

Interview: profile _

With more than 95,000 followers, Suely from @casa_limpa_ created this Instagram account to share housekeeping tips and house cleaning tricks.

In your profile, you can find many cleaning, organizing, decorating, and cooking recipes tricks to make at home.

In addition to Instagram, Suely also shares her little home organizing secrets on her YouTube channel.

We were curious to find out more about this influencer who wants to help thousands of Brazilians take better care of their homes. Check out!

How did the idea for your Instagram come about?

I decided to create my Instagram to share my organizing tips with other housewives. I started as a hobby, posting special corners of my house, giving cleaning and organizing tips to everyone who followed me, and I realized that I started to help many people who previously had difficulties in the routine and organization of chores around the house.

Have you always been interested in the domestic organization of the house?

Actually, I was motivated and inspired by a classmate from high school who got married very young and from a very young age loved taking care of the home. I was inspired by her to make my house cozy, clean and organized.

What are the main organizational tips for Brazilian homes?

First of all, you have to keep in mind that you have to let go of everything that doesn’t add to you and is no longer useful. You need to get rid of junk and everything that no longer serves. Afterwards, leave only the necessary objects inside the house and each one of them has a little house, that is, a right place where everything becomes easier to clean and organize.

Tell me how to do a great cleaning at home.

Use the right product, always read what’s on the label and do your best with love. It is important to read the label to see how to use it properly. Have a little dedication, that is, do it with love and choose good cleaning cloths. Then just run for the hug. The result will be as expected and will be magnificent!

Is it possible to save money when organizing and cleaning the house?

Yes, of course! A good product does not have to be an expensive product. Personally, I use neutral detergent most of the time for a thorough cleaning of the house. Anyway, there are great cleaning products on the market with good cost-benefit.

Moreover, homemade mixes when well-prepared also have an effect as good as the products on the market. And it’s much cheaper!

What are your followers’ feedbacks about your content?

_: I get a lot of messages from girls saying that my videos encourage and encourage cleaning and organizing their homes. Dozens of messages come to me on both Instagram and YouTube. I know that my videos motivate and energize women to take care of the house, including, many report that they came out of self-indulgence and depression.

Where does your knowledge of the tips you share come from?

_: From my long experience as a housewife and also from reading and researching reputable blogs about cleaning and organization.

When did you realize that your Instagram started to be successful?

I realized my success after several feedbacks from many women who changed the routine of the house with my tips.

What types of content do your followers like the most?

My followers like more cleaning and cleaning tips because I get a lot of feedback on these topics. These women thank me for being motivated in the routine of cleaning and organizing the house, especially those who work outside the home and need more agility.

Which post was the most successful and why?

When I showed you my favorite corners of my house. That’s because they realize the love and whim I have for my home and, in a way, that motivates them too. There was a specific post where I show that I use fabric water right after I make the bed in the morning so that it always smells like clean clothes. I believe that the success of this post happened because they saw it possible to leave our bed, the place where we renew our energy, always with a good and cozy perfume.

This was our chat with the influencer Suely from, if you liked it, then we recommend following the influencer and not missing any domestic organization tips that the influencer shares with her followers.