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Interview: influencer gives home gardening tips

Interview: influencer gives home gardening tips

The theme of gardening at home has become very present in the last year and has everything to keep going. People are spending more time at home and want to bring the green of nature closer to them. That’s why we at digital real estate agency AoCubo interviewed an Instagram influencer who dominates the subject of gardening. Check it out below!

Gardening at home

Gardening at home is an activity that everyone can do. All you need to do is research, seek tips and learn how to take care of your home gardens.

In addition to making your home greener, well decorated and more beautiful, tinkering with plants provides several benefits, such as enjoying delicious moments of relaxation, stimulating concentration and promoting personal well-being.

There are countless advantages of dedicating yourself to this art in the form of a garden , such as spending time alone doing an activity or gathering the people at home to get their hands dirty, that is, on the ground! 🌿

In addition, gardening at home makes the environments more charming and better cared for, bringing peace, harmony and tranquility to the residents of the home.

Home Gardening Instagram Influencer 

If you are looking for quick, practical and efficient tips for gardening at home, then you need to follow the Instagram profile Planta Lá em Casa ( @plantalaemcasa ).

With over 80,000 followers, the plant lover and influencer, Juliana, talked to us about her news profile and exchange of information about the green world.

Interview with Juliana from Instagram Planta Lá em Casa

We talk about the contents of Instagram @plantalaemcasa, their inspirations, and their lessons and, of course, many tips for you to reproduce at home. Read below!

How did your Instagram idea come about?

During the pandemic, I felt the need to communicate more with people, which I really like and I really miss because of the isolation. Hence the idea of ​​creating a profile, but talking about what? Looking at the activities I was doing the most at the time, I realized that the theme about plants could be cool. I had no intention of growing up, it was just a space for records and “letting off steam”. And it turned out what it did!

Have you always been interested in plants at home?

I grew up in a house full of plants. My mother liked it, my grandmother lived on a farm, so I always had contact with them, but it was only when I came to live in my own apartment, in 2015, that I started to really take care of them.

Where does inspiration/passion for plants come from?

It’s the first time I’ve lived in an apartment and I really missed bringing a little nature closer, but the most fascinating thing is to see the plants develop, see how they provide peace and tranquility, especially in this scenario so hard that we are living. It is therapy to grow plants, disconnect from everything and truly surrender to this “relationship”.

AoCubo: Did you specialize in the subject with studies or research?

Juliana from @plantalaemcasa: I’m not saying that I specialized, I made numerous mistakes and I believe that taking care of plants is very intuitive, since they are living beings, full of surprises. (Laughter). But, yes, I do research for my posts, read a lot of books, talk to professionals in the field and take courses. I’m even studying landscaping at EBAC (British School of Creative Arts).

AoCubo: What are the main tips for those who want to have plants at home like yours?

First of all: have the plants you can handle. It’s no use filling the house with plants, especially when you don’t have much experience, getting nervous and anxious. Taking care of plants is not that. It’s better to have 5 healthy rather than 10 sick. Investigate your home, light and space. So, when you buy plants, you will already be “halfway” to success. But, if any plant dies, don’t get frustrated, it’s completely normal.

How to decorate the house with plants?

Once your house has the conditions for the plant you want, in terms of light, etc., the decoration with the plants is the taste of the “customer”. I only recommend that you place plants that require more watering nearby. So you won’t forget to water. Place the ones that spend more time without watering at the top, if that’s what you want. And go playing with them. Mine change quite often.

Is it expensive to have/take care of the plants? Is it possible to save?

I always say that being expensive is very relative. There are people who spend their wages on makeup, others on clothes, and others on plants. And it’s okay. But, yes, it is very possible to save, there are very beautiful plants at a very good price, such as pythonsferns, etc…

What plants do you like the most?

I really like foliage, I don’t pay much attention to flowers, although I admire them. I like big, wide and very green leaves. I also tie myself to different foliage, like Pilea.

What are the easiest plants to have indoors/apartment?

This depends a lot on the conditions of the house in relation to light, but I would say that Zamioculcas, boa constrictor and swords are great choices.

What are the myths about indoor plants?

I think one of the biggest myths is about the energy of plants. That some are unlucky. No work of nature can bring us bad luck. Plants are all good. Second, they talk a lot about the green finger. It doesn’t exist either. There is practice, repetition, learning from mistakes and persisting.

Tell us how you make your content for your Instagram.

I find it easy, as I used to work with this until 2 years ago. But I schedule myself once a week to plan the best subjects and start creating the content. I also ask a lot of questions in the question box to find out what my followers like the most.

What are your followers’ feedbacks about your content?

So far I’ve only received positive words in general. Many praise the light and toe-to-toe shape. It was really my goal. I’m not a biologist, I’m not an agronomist, and I’m just a person who takes care of plants. And miss!