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Influencer gives tips in his Instagram makeover diary



Can you imagine creating a renovation diary to clean up your house and end up becoming an influencer on Instagram? This is what happens to many people who want to share their makeover routine on social media and it becomes a reference and inspiration for many people.

With that in mind, we at Ao Cubo digital real estate have decided to open the renovation journal of an influencer on Insta for you to have ideas, insights and motivations to improve your home.

What is a retirement diary?

First, let’s say what a makeover diary is! This name is used by people on the internet who share their routine with the renovation of their apartment or house.

This type of journal shows all the processes that are required to renovate a property, whether new or used.

Everyday life is filled with decisions about renovation, repair, decoration and much more. After all, depending on the property, these changes can take longer than planned.

Not to mention the troubles and unforeseen events that can happen when it comes to retirement.

Interview with Instagram influencer

That’s why our retirement diary for today is based on the profile @reformaemcasa , created by the graduate in Public Relations, Lara Giannotti.

The account is also run by Rico, Lara’s partner. There, you can see many stories and tips for the renovation of a 50’s house in constant renovation.

When viewing the images on Insta, it is possible to see that Lara and Rico are constantly renovating the property and, therefore, the creator has gained a lot of knowledge on this subject.

No wonder that there are already over 35 thousand followers who follow the couple’s reform journal.

He was curious to know Lara and Rico’s makeover tips, so read our interview with the profiler below:

How can people create a project for work in their homes?

It all depends on the size of the work/renovation. For structural changes it is necessary the involvement of an engineer and an architect. For aesthetic renovations it is possible to do it with your own hands or just using specialized labor, such as a contractor, bricklayer, electrician, plumber…

Both for those who choose to use an architect, as for those who want to develop a renovation on their own , my suggestion is to start by looking for references. You need to understand what you like and what you don’t in order to direct the professional or start selecting materials and organizing your ideas.

For that first step, my recommendation would be to visit Pinterest and start looking for makeover and decor profiles on Instagram and YouTube. There is a lot of cool content available these days.

And the most interesting thing about social networks is that you can interact in real time with those people who have just gone through the same experience as you and get legitimate tips that can be worth gold.

What tips for not having a headache with work at home?

: Work takes work! This needs to be said before starting. So, the way to have less headaches is to stay involved with the project from beginning to end. Even with the hiring of an architect, it is necessary to visit the property, talk to the professionals and ensure that the changes being made will suit your daily life. Spend time in this property!

Try to see what your interaction will be like within it. Simulate, for example, coming home and turning lights on and off to see if the electrical points are in the right place.

Will this prevent the burst pipe? The infiltration they discovered after breaking a wall? The wrong flooring arrived from the home center? Or the joiner who just disappeared? No no go. But it can lessen your dissatisfaction later.

How to make a work with a low budget?

There are many videos on the internet today that teach everything, even making electrical projects, for example. It all depends on how much time you have available, your skill and how much you want to spend.

If the renovation was simply the refurbishment of a room, then there are simple and cost-effective ways to completely transform an environment with little expense, for example, using the paint finish instead of changing all the tiles in a bathroom.

Adhesive wallpaper, floor-to-floor application, new paint on the walls, lick-licks, plasterboard false bricks, MDF paneling… the list of resources for those who want to get their hands dirty and make a cheap makeover is huge !

People started to worry more about the architecture of the house during the pandemic, so how to renovate the house in these more delicate moments?

Locked indoors 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, it’s natural that the things that used to bother you at home started to bother you much more. So people tried to make improvements and changes during this period.

Is it important to make several budgets for works for the house?

Yes. For the renovation of my house we made an average of 3 quotes for each supplier we hired. It is also important to seek references from friends, family or even influencers you trust before hiring to make sure you choose the correct professional that suits your taste and budget and does not let you down in the middle of the process.

How can people identify a great renovation professional?

It depends on the professional’s field. In the case of architects, it is important to check the portfolio, if the projects are in line with their personal taste, in addition to researching values.

For skilled labor, the ideal is to ask friends and family members who have already used these services. There are also applications that put you in contact with suppliers, in them, other users usually leave assessments about the service provided.

For hiring companies such as custom furniture , post-construction cleaning or purchase of appliances, furniture or installation, I always recommend that the person also check complaints on the Reclame Aqui website.

I bought the property and now? Check out what comes after purchase!

Buying a property is, in fact, a moment of extreme personal satisfaction. The act of purchase itself does not mean just a monetary transaction, but a beginning, a first step towards a new and different life.

All of these feelings are important, and for a while, we lived in this dream-fulfilled atmosphere. But what about after you buy your property, what does it take to make it really yours, and what are the first steps to take?

Thinking of giving you a direction, Loop selected some of the most important things to be done so that you have the security of starting your life in your brand new property. Check out!

Main Facilities – Leave your home with everything you need before you move in and live

Right after the purchase, the first thing you should take care of is the renovation of your property – if it is completely new – if not, renovate what the apartment or house needs, to make everything in order for you to enjoy your home.

In the first case, start with the main installations. Regulate the plumbing, distribution and water supply inside your property and check, especially, if there are no leaks due to negligence of the first hand of the works.

Put this same type of thinking into practice for other services that are essential to your family, such as electricity and gas, for example, and organize so that everything is fully operational until the occupation of the property starts.

Important Details – Some of them may go unnoticed even by the most attentive

All right, we know that everyone thinks about the renovation, and the main installation is what comes to mind first, even without our tips. However, do you know how many people forget to change the lock on the door after renovating it?

Long periods of renovation require considerable time and, unless the property owner has this provision, it is not possible to be there always, which requires the transfer of the property keys to the personnel responsible for the work, so that they can enter and leave if need.

Thus, changing the door lock may be necessary on these occasions, as well as looking closely at other details, such as the peephole of the door, which is often only remembered when needed.

All of this can be done without spending too much. In the case of the peephole, there are the simplest models, which can cost – on average – from R$ 20 to R$ 30 reais, while the most modern, digital models with improved resolution, can cost between R$ 350 and R$ 500 reais.

Taxes – Calculate well how much you should pay and don’t forget about them

The ecstasy from your new home purchase has not yet left your bloodstream and circulates non-stop throughout your body. Then someone reminds you that you have to pay taxes and go through a whole bureaucratic step.

It may look like a cold water bath, but this is a necessary step. The payment of the mandatory tax, called Real Estate Transfer Tax (ITBI), guarantees the new owner the possibility of transferring the acquired property to his name.

This, the ITBI, is a municipal tax and must be paid when a real estate transfer occurs and makes the purchase and sale process official. Without payment of this tax, the process cannot be completed and the documentation is not released.

Thus, it is a tax collected by the city hall of each municipality and used for the benefit of the citizens themselves, and must be paid after the public deed is drawn up, however, some municipalities establish that it must be collected after the deed is registered.

Therefore, pay attention to the legislation of your municipality and do not miss payment deadlines. The Tax must be paid by any natural person who wishes to transfer ownership, except in the case of succession by death or donation.

Property Registration – Solve pending issues and have security when moving

As it was said for many decades: “It is only the owner of the property who registers”, and that is why it is extremely important that you carry out this process as responsibly and patiently as possible, so that there are no errors in the work.

Thus, a decisive step is the elaboration of a Public Deed – which has faith before the whole society – and file it in the notary’s office. This basically serves to publicize the act of buying and selling.

You can check this in art.108 of the civil code:

“Not providing the law to the contrary, the public deed is essential to the validity of legal transactions aimed at the constitution, transfer, modification or waiver of real rights over real estate worth more than thirty times the highest minimum wage in force in the country”

Thus, after the public deed is drawn up and duly formalized, the process of transferring ownership begins. After paying the ITBI – mentioned in the previous item of our post – just arrange for the transfer of the deed and the payment slip to the real estate registry office where the property is registered.