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How to sell property at the end of the year? Tips to sell in 2021!


Yes, there is still time to sell property at the end of the year! That’s because people spend the entire year saving money, earn their thirteenth salary, and want to start the New Year in a new house. Then check out our Ao Cubo success tips to sell property in 2021 and close the year with a flourish. Check out!

Is it possible to sell property at the end of the year?

Undoubtedly, it is still possible to sell property at the end of the year, as the time is ripe for good purchases. Therefore, realtors can still close sales contracts in these last weeks of 2021.

After all, many people reserve the last months of the year to carry out large projects that they have been planning for a long time, such as buying a house, financing a car, planning an international trip, among other plans.

Thus, before the turn of 2021, many buyers are researching real estate and are planning as soon as possible to spend the turn of the year in the new house. So brokers need to show availability and willingness even if the mood is already festive.

Is it a good time to sell real estate?

According to a recent survey (October 2021), by Data ZAP, for 60% of Brazilians the best time to buy property is now. So, we can consider that this is also the best time to sell a property.

That’s because the real estate market reacted very well to the pandemic caused by Covid-19, since Brazilians started to value the residence more as a way to have security and tranquility for the future.

In addition, interest rates are lower and technology initiatives have helped the booming sector even with home office brokers and remote visits to properties.

Why is now the best time to sell property?

If you realtors are not yet seeing the opportunities in the real estate market for this year-end, then we will show that this is the best time to close sales contracts. Look:

  • purchasing power increases

As mentioned at the beginning of the text, the purchasing power of Brazilians increases in the final period of the year with the thirteenth salary, in addition to the reservations made over the months to buy something special at the end of the year.

Undoubtedly, the will and purchasing power increase at this time of year, so brokers need to go after these clients to complete the purchase of their dream property.

  • new year promise

Who has never made promises at the end of the year to fulfill their dreams next year? Many people are used to asking for their own home wish to come true, so this may be the request of many people for 2021.

So it’s time to help these dreamers buy the property as they planned at the turn of 2021, even though the year is ending, it’s still time to make the dream of a new house come true.

  • pre-spent moment 

November and December are the months that people give themselves the right to buy something they have been planning for some time. That’s because in the post-party months the bills to pay arise.

The beginning of next year is marked by many important bills to be paid, such as IPVA, school supplies, among other initial expenses that can postpone the dream of owning a home. Now is the time to show your customers the best opportunities!

  • great prices

The end of the year is known for having good prices in all categories, including the real estate market. People who want to buy real estate do a lot of research before completing the purchase and expect attractive values.

In addition, everyone needs to meet targets by the end of the year, so many homebuilders, banks and real estate companies give price discounts to boost sales at the end of the year. Take the opportunity to beat your goals too, brokers!

  • good payment terms

The end-of-the-year post-party months are also popular as they have good payment terms across all sectors. In addition, buyers do not resist a promotion or easy payment and, therefore, spend more at the end of the year.

This is a great opportunity to facilitate the property purchase process for your customers and sell more properties this year. Take the opportunity to offer the best payment terms and focus on the public that is interested in buying a property this year.

How to sell property at the end of the year?

Although many people are in vacation mode, there are still many buyers interested in buying a property at the end of the year. So, let’s give you some tips for selling more properties in recent months. Are they:

  • Invest online

If you are a self-employed broker, you should bet on online disclosures on websites, social networks, e-mails, among other forms of contact. But if you prefer to work in real estate, then post the company’s ads on the internet to attract leads and convert into customers.

At the end of the day, people have even less time to carry out their tasks and turn to the internet to make their purchases.

  • Take advantage of lesser competition

If you are a broker who wants to work at the end of the year and still go after clients to close sales contracts, know that there are few brokers who take advantage of this time of year because they think clients do not want to be disturbed on vacation.

Therefore, take advantage of this period with less competition to sell more properties, as there are buyers interested in finishing the year with a new house.

  • change approach

Change the approach to customers and reinforce the possibility of buying a property this year with lower rates and greater financing facilities. When you have the opportunity, there are also people interested!

So change your approach to contacting and presenting the property to show that you can still buy your dream property before the year is out.

After all, is it possible to sell property?

If after our article you are still in doubt, then know that it is very worthwhile to sell property this year. So follow our tips, look for interested buyers and try to close sales contracts. Good luck!