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How to pay rent in the pandemic

We have never experienced a humanitarian and economic crisis like the one caused by Covid-19. Many people have had their wages cut or been laid off from their jobs. It gets more complicated when these people live on rent. So we’ll give you some tips on how to pay rent in the pandemic. Check it out below!

How to pay rent in the pandemic

If, on the one hand, many workers impacted by the crisis are unable to pay rent, on the other hand, landlords need rent income to live.

But, how to pay rent in the pandemic caused by Coronavirus? Let’s suggest some negotiation tips that can help you without harming the landlord.

First, we want to tell you what has changed in Brazilian legislation regarding the rules of Private Law. Read on!

Suspension of Private Law rules 

In April, the National Senate approved the proposal for Bill 1179/2020, which aims to ensure the rights of tenants amidst the crisis of public calamity.

The rules of Private Law were temporarily suspended while the Covid-19 pandemic lasts in Brazil.

Therefore, any eviction measures were suspended until October 30th. This change is only valid for cases of evictions filed after March 20, when a state of public calamity was decreed in the country.

In addition, this provisional measure also allows tenants to partially or fully reduce their rents between March and October 30th.

This will apply to tenants who have had their wages reduced or cut. If the landlord opts for the total suspension of the rent, then he will be able to charge the rents due from November.

In this case, each monthly fee will be increased by 20% until all overdue rents are paid.

Negotiating Tips for Paying Rent in the Pandemic

Now that you know the changes in Brazilian legislation, then you feel safer to carry out rental negotiations.

The advisable before handing over the property or making any rash decision is to start by negotiating so that both sides (tenant and landlord) benefit. Find out what these tips are, right below!

Negotiate with the landlord

Without a doubt, the first tip on how to pay rent in the Coronavirus pandemic is negotiating with the property owner.

Contact the landlord and try to negotiate the value and forms of payment for the property’s rent.

For the landlord, it is better to make a negotiation than to receive the property and run out of that income.

It is also better for the tenant to stay in the property and wait for the pandemic crisis to pass before making any decision.

State your financial status and whether your salary has been reduced, suspended or cut. It is expected that the landlord will be sensitive to the situation and help you in some way.

Suggest discounts 

Another way to negotiate pandemic rent is to agree a discount for a specified period.

You or the landlord can suggest the amount of this discount and try to work out a deal that works for both of you.

For example, you can claim 20% off installments during the Covid-19 pandemic and pay that discount in later installments.

This is a great way to lengthen rent debt and dilute these discounts in future installments.

If the owner wishes to charge interest or late payment on these discounts, then the amounts cannot exceed what is provided for in the rental agreement in case of late payment.

Ask the real estate agent for help

If you prefer, you can ask for help from the real estate agency that intermediated the rent between you and the owner.

This is an option for those who want not to strain their relationship with the landlord or who have tried to reach an agreement but have not reached a conclusion.

However, real estate cannot reach an agreement without the participation of the two parties involved.

Therefore, the real estate agent will try to reach an agreement with the landlord and the tenant of the property to make an amicable negotiation.

Read the rental agreement

In this situation caused by the pandemic, the ideal is to seek help from all sides and all possible alternatives.

Take a look at your rental agreement to see the agreements and clauses if you have anything related to the rental value agreements in exceptional situations.

This is a way to have something in hand when talking to the landlord to guarantee your rights.

Although some rental contracts indicate that the tenant waives the right to review the rent amount, there is Article 54-A, §1 of the Leases Law that indicates an agreement between both parties to change this rule.

Talk about this article with the property owner to try to resolve it as best as possible.

Help in court as a last resort

The last negotiation alternative is the one that we least indicate, only if none of the previous ones worked.

This is because we know that this is a historic moment of the pandemic and we are all going through difficulties.

Therefore, going to court can make this situation even more complicated and exhausting for both sides.

However, if you file a lawsuit, the judge will judge according to the Tenancy Law which will decide the provisional amount of the rent.

Therefore, this temporary value cannot be less than 80% of the value stipulated by the property owner.

If you cannot afford a lawyer, you can ask for the help of a public defender if it meets the requirements of the law.

Formalize any agreement or negotiation

It is recommended for any agreement or negotiation to carry out a formal contract signed by both parties.

Even temporarily valid, this type of agreement needs to be documented to be valid during the pandemic.

Thus, the landlord does not refuse to receive the amount mentioned in the contract, nor does the tenant claim that he cannot pay the amount agreed in the document.

However, for discounts, just one email or message is enough to prove the deal.

Now you know how to pay rent in the pandemic, so look for these alternatives in agreement with the property owner. Want to know more information about tenants’ rights, visit our blog and social media.