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How should the broker set his sales target?

How should the broker set his sales target?

Some realtors work hard and with dedication, but they don’t see the results of their efforts meeting their expectations. This is because it is not enough to work hard, you have to work well. For this reason, setting a sales goal is so important.
However, even though it seems like a simple task, a sales goal should be created based on studies and the realtor’s experience. With that in mind, this article will cover the topic in depth so that you can design the goals that will lead to success. Prepared? Good reading!

Sales goal starts with a career goal

The first step is to plan your realtor career. What led you to this profession? What is your goal as a broker? The simplest questions are where valuable answers are found.
After this analysis, the broker must think about how he wants to be in the future. This projection must be realistic. It’s no use wishing to earn 10 times more if that’s impossible in a short period of time. Having a clear understanding of the profession helps you set an achievable sales goal and avoids frustration.

The market changes quickly: get ready!

Those who have been working in the real estate market for a long time have seen a series of important changes. He watched the branch weaken at a time of hyperinflation, witnessed the bustling sector when the Real was created, watched sales grow thanks to popular financing, such as Minha Casa Minha Vida.

These were just a few examples. The real estate market has undergone several changes and the broker must be aware of this, after all, he works in this segment. You can’t think things will be the same forever.
Thinking about the changes that are taking place will allow you to set a sales goal that is right for the moment. In many cases, the broker does not observe the results of his work because his techniques refer to a scenario that no longer exists. Realize the changes in the real estate market and get ready to make the most of them.

Monitor your results: find out if you are productive

You have a sales target, but how will you know if you’re close to reaching it? It is important to be able to measure your results. For example: how many properties do you sell per month? How long does a visit with a customer last? How many people contact you for real estate information?

Everything that involves work can be turned into data to improve productivity. Don’t just stick to financial information, as it can create a false perception about your career. For example, selling a more expensive property might give the impression that that time of year was good, but what if the next month you closed more sales of lesser value properties? Which month was most productive? Which approach brought you closer to the results you want? To have these answers, it is necessary to establish analysis parameters and monitor their results.

Use the tools available: technology can be an ally!

The way people search for a property has changed a lot. Today the first impulse is to make a Google query. It is very important that the realtor understands this, because when designing a sales target, he will necessarily have to publicize his work to attract more clients.

For this reason the broker must maintain a professional presence on the internet. The first step is to analyze your social media profile   and see if you are making a good impression on a potential customer. Also avoid controversial comments. Remember that your image can be harmed. Another interesting tip is to create a professional website or blog. The purpose may not be to produce content, but to provide a way of contacting someone who found it through social networks or search engines.

Furthermore, if the digital strategy is done correctly, the realtor can generate their own leads, being more independent from the information provided by the real estate companies.
You will need tools to hit the sales target. The internet is a possibility that should not be ignored. So check out your digital presence today.

Be positive: empathy helps to sell

A person’s behavior says a lot about their ability to reach the sales target. Looking at a complex scenario can be discouraging or exhilarating. It’s impossible to achieve goals when you don’t believe it’s feasible.

A realtor must keep this in mind in order to change a cycle of pessimistic thoughts that spoils his day and his sales. Would you buy something from a moody or insecure person? Your customer doesn’t either.

Buying or renting a property is an important financial investment. The individual who performs it is probably insecure, so the behavior of the realtor will be definitive for the conduct of the business.

However, it is not always possible to ignore external factors and prevent a bad moment from influencing the professional’s view of the market. The current economic crisis is an example. In these cases, pay attention to the obvious: other crises existed and they all passed and, even in these periods, there were always those who stood out.

Learn to work with people: sales come from where you least expect

It is common for realtors to have a friendly relationship with doormen, janitors and secretaries of commercial or residential condominiums. An action, even, stimulated by real estate companies.
Still, that might be too little. To meet the sales target, it is very important to be aware of the news in the area in which you operate. Find out who the local leaders are, if there are any newspapers in the neighborhood where people advertise houses, if there will be any festivals where you can make good contacts, etc.

If you want to increase your results you will have to increase the number of people who know you. Your job is not lonely and good real estate tips can come from anyone.
Now that you understand how to reach your sales target, plan and put your plan into action! With good planning there is no reason why you can’t reach your goals. Take the opportunity and subscribe to our newsletter to receive other tips in your email. It’s free!