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Home office decor: 12 profiles to follow on Instagram and get inspired!

home office decoration - acubus

Working from home has become a reality for many people, and not just for a while, as the hybrid format has been adopted by many companies. Thus, among the advantages of remote work is the home office decoration that can be made with your personality.

Anything you want can be used in this room and make it even more cozy and personal: plants and flowers, shelves with books and collectibles, photos, walls in different colors, affectionate decoration, anything goes!

Besides, a good home office decoration helps to make the space more inspiring and productive for working hours and also for studying, doesn’t it? However, many questions can arise when organizing the home office.

That’s why we’ve separated some Instagram profiles to help you get inspired and transform your workspace with creativity, comfort and beauty. Check out!

Instagram profiles to get inspired by home office decor

Our list will be divided into two stages: the first one with national profiles of accounts that share home office decor. The second will be with international profiles and full of references. Follow up!

Brazilian accounts

  1. I love Home Office

Produced by journalist Marcia Breda, Adoro Home Office is a profile focused on this work format.

Marcia has been talking about the topic since 2015, sharing remote job openings, productivity tips, studies, news about home office in Brazil and around the world, as well as sharing decoration inspirations, both from her and from her followers.

  1. Apartment 21

Apartment 21 is the profile of the influencer couple Camila and Pablo. Here, the focus is on decoration in general and how to transform the spaces of the apartment/house to your own taste.

They share many DIY (Do It Yourself or Do It Yourself) tips, including home office decor, regardless of the room.

  1. diycore

Like the profile above, Diycore, by youtuber Karla Amadori, also covers decorations of all types in the greatest DIY style and with a lot of creativity.

Karla always teaches you to transform any corner of the house, even that little one that seems impossible to take advantage of, you know? For many people, these are the ones who end up becoming the best home office. So get inspired!

  1. DIY Home

Another DIY Home profile, by content creator Diego Rodrigues, always brings home office decor inspirations, as well as ideas for the whole house.

Diego shares both his own rooms, followers and other good sources.

  1. do.edu

Edu Mendes is the creator of the Do.edu profile, also with “hands on” decoration inspiration for the whole house. Among them, of course, there is home office decor with a lot of style and personality. 

In addition, Edu also has a YouTube channel and there he teaches you how to replicate your ideas.

  1. they two decorate

In the profile Elas Duas Decoram, mother Amanda and daughter Mari, share the beautiful rooms of their beautifully decorated apartment. Among them is the cozy home office that can be an inspiration for yours.

  1. Home Office Ideas

Another profile focused on the remote work model, Ideas para Home Office is a compilation of inspirations.

From small to large, from the simplest to the most sophisticated, there are projects for all tastes. Thus, in one place you will find several references to build an idea that is your dear.

  1. Home Stories

As its name suggests, Instagram Histories de Casa, by Bruno Laurence and Paula Passing, brings together creative inspirations from many houses, whether in terms of decoration or construction. Soon, there are home office decor ideas as well.

International profiles on home office decor

Now, as we said, let’s go to Instagram account tips from profiles in other countries. Check it out:

  1. Home Office Inspiration

How about getting inspired by home office decor around the world in one place? Just follow the Home Office Inspiration profile.

It brings together projects of all types and some with very simple solutions, but which make all the difference when put into practice.

  1. Inspired Home Office Designs

As indicated above, the Inspired Home Office Designs profile makes a compilation of foreign home offices of different styles in one place.

Whether your space is big or small, it’s a good source for finding great ideas.

  1. Productive Spaces 

The Productive Spaces profile brings a compilation of home offices, whether in fixed houses or houses on wheels. That’s right, inspirations from motorhome offices.

It’s another profile with great ideas from outside that you can adapt to your reality and needs.

  1. Work Hard Anywhere

Finally, the Work Hard Anywhere profile also brings together thousands of home office decor ideas to inspire you, from the simplest to the most robust.

It’s another grange account option to follow and serve as a source of ideas to build your office from scratch or make changes whenever you want.

That was our list of Instagram profiles to be inspired by home office decor.