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Green roof decorating possibilities and tips to have a green atmosphere on the roof of your home


With an enormous cultural diversity and internationally known for its urban innovations and care for the environment, São Paulo stands out for its movement to defend green areas. According to the United Nations, São Paulo has an index of green area per inhabitant of only 4m².

Due to its large concentration of inhabitants, pollution and the lack of green areas affect the health of residents.

But in relation to the qualities that the city has, we can consider as one of the best performances in the population’s life, educational institutions with quality from basic education to higher education, collaborating for the development of the labor market and not counting on leisure opportunities and culture. These details increased the interest in living in the capital of São Paulo, consequently increasing the number of people looking for land for sale in São Paulo.

You have many advantages living in São Paulo

São Paulo is one of the main capitals of Brazil, in this article we will mention some of the advantages of living in this state.

The first would be that the trade has some restaurants that work at night, such as supermarkets, pharmacies and fast food. Not to mention the infinity of variety available in the region’s stores, it is possible to find everything, the branch is very strong in all aspects.

Several options for leisure, culture and entertainment such as parks, concerts, theaters, museums and cinemas.

Another reason would be education, one of the main reasons that many end up moving to SP to study. The University of São Paulo and the schools are considered very well for studying.

As it is a large capital, it has a relevant percentage of jobs compared to other regions. Where many people also move in search of a better quality of life.

Properties near the green area arouse the interest of residents.

When we observe the real estate market launches, many properties are located close to green areas, the constructions vary between houses and townhouses for sale in condominiums. It is currently difficult to predict how big an impact such a feature will have on the final value of homes. In addition to adding to the price, some construction companies are adopting new marketing strategies aimed at improving the quality of life that is provided, thus differentiating their product from others.

The concept of preserving the landscape and living close to a green place even in an urban center is so great that some initial projects were mortified in order to preserve the ambiance of the space as much as possible, this is perhaps one of the characteristics that awaken even more the interest of future residents. What many people don’t know according to a survey by the NGO Society for Wildlife Research and Environmental Education (SPVS) 75% of the green area in the city is derived from private land and real estate, the preservation of these environments contributes to the quality of life and it can become a profitable source for the owners of the respective land and properties if it is transformed into RPPNM (Private Reserve of Municipal Natural Heritage), the area guaranteed by law that it will be conserved.

And the benefits that are offered to the owners are the exemption from IPTU and the transfer of constructive potential. A package of new benefits is being discussed at the São Paulo Chamber that will make the business more attractive.

Find out how to have a green space in your home.

If you already own a property and it does not have outside space to have a garden, a good and innovative alternative is green roofs or vertical gardens, a technique inspired by the Babylonian hanging gardens, which consists of using a layer of vegetation on the part. Top or on a wall of the real estate. The structure must be suitable for the growth of plants, a place where it would not be used as the roof provides more thermal and acoustic comfort.

The benefits of the green roof and hanging gardens include biodiversity, as it is a way to create green space in an urban environment, in addition to providing savings in energy costs for the climate of the environment because the plants help in the microclimate of the region in the rainwater drainage recomposing the area. The idea of ​​the property’s roof becoming a garden has been very popular among companies seeking environmental certifications, but it can also be applied to homes without any problem. The system has minor restrictions, it is necessary that the property has a slab that supports the weight of the structure that will support the earth layer and plants.

The advantages of having a vertical garden in your home are also immense, it will influence the energy efficiency of the environment by its evapotranspiration capacity, removing the heat concentrated in the place, it will also help in the quality and humidity of the air, retaining impurities and pollutants in Brazil where the climate is too dry with the installation of the Eco wall there will be a great improvement and finally the environment will have a great aesthetic touch. What are you waiting for to have one of these gardens in your home? The techniques only bring benefits in addition to leaving your home with a modern and unique touch