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Footsteps – Learn how to buy the property of your dreams!

It’s true that, hidden deep inside, everyone wants to have their dream place. Be it a beautiful penthouse apartment in major urban centers. Be a beautiful house in a land surrounded by a lot of vegetation and that smell of plowed earth.

Now, do you know how to buy the property of your dreams? If the answer is no, then it is very likely that you, dear reader, are in the right post!

This text was made especially for the acquisition of your dream property. But, mainly, to show the first steps of how to start the search and acquisition of your little corner. Prepared?

In this post it will be possible:

– Learn step-by-step how to acquire the property of your dreams
– Know how to prepare yourself so that the chances of finding this property increase
– What measures will ensure a great start on this journey

Ideal time – See if buying a property is really the right option

The first measure that will ensure a great start to your journey is to check the moment to buy the property of your dreams. After all, many people have fears when purchasing real estate, and some of those fears are justified.

Comparing rent and purchase is essential. Put in the tip of the pencil what the costs related to the purchase of an apartment and realize if the condition is really advantageous.

Thinking about the consequences is also a great way to exercise if this is the right time to buy. Are you buying the property together with someone? Or are you thinking of buying for a big life change like marriage and kids?

Other types of frequently asked questions that can give you a good direction are:
# Will I stay in the same city after buying the property?
# Does the property of my dreams fit my budget?
# I can’t bear to pay rent anymore, but is buying really the solution?
# does my dream property really fit with my future prospects?

Step One – Find out what your needs are so you don’t go overboard!

Now that the main point of the beginning of any journey to buy a property has already been seen, it is time to start step by step. This is a simple list, but one that will serve the buyer with valuable tips.

The first step in buying a property, after you’ve really decided that you should and can buy it, is to start with your needs. What do you and your family need to live well? What really is a need for daily life to be complete and fulfilling?

Once listed, these needs will be the basis that will guide the search for the property of your dreams. They will serve to certify that the property you are buying is really what you need. So, think carefully about these needs and don’t go overboard when looking for property.

Step Two – Seek professional help and keep your finances up to date!

Other important points that make up the second step of the list concern real estate professionals and their finances. Starting from the first point, seeking specialized assistance is another fundamental thing to do to locate the property of your dreams.

Insiders, brokers and real estate agents have a vast list of contacts. Most importantly, they specialize in finding properties that meet exactly what was thought of in the first step: your needs!

Being in a good relationship and receiving recommendations from these professionals can make acquiring your dream property much easier. The second important point of this step – which will also help not only you, but also the broker – is to keep your finances up to date.

But what does it mean? It means knowing what your financial power is and how you can reduce your liabilities (expenses) so that your assets (earnings) bring you closer and closer to the property of your dreams.

If just organizing your financial life isn’t enough, another tip is to seek knowledge. In addition to always being useful in the most unexpected moments, it also serves to make your plans better grounded.

Therefore, study available financing and loan programs. Read about the top rates in the market and get hold of that knowledge. Thus, in the future, it will be possible to understand perfectly how to be financially able to acquire the property of your dreams.

# Ao Cubo Tip: Keep a monthly table or file with your main expenses and earnings and make a percentage of how much you can or should save to be closer to the property of your dreams.

Step Three – Search for properties and make well-informed offers to sellers

This is the most fun part of the whole process for sure! The search for the dream property and the expectation when clicking on each of the ads is electrifying. This, by the way, is the third step to buy your property.

Search wisely. Segment your search by regions and explore the potential of that area. This segmentation can also be done by field of interest, for example, which region has the best value square meter (financial side), or which region has the greatest number of services (mobility and convenience side).

Did you decide on the property? Excellent! However, another point comes in at that moment that is very important when negotiating: the offers. Look in the region’s history of offers, which is usually the square meter value of properties that have already been sold there.

Offers that have already been negotiated can provide you with a valuable price panel to decide if the property price is too high or too low. So always make smart, well-informed offers to sellers.