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Find out how to sell luxury property and increase your commission

Find out how to sell luxury property and increase your commission

First of all, despite the uncertain times in the country, demand for luxury property has been growing in the country. This is great news for anyone working in the real estate industry, as this type of negotiation usually yields higher commissions.
But you need to know how to be able to attract and win this specific clientele. We have separated in this article some practical tips to help you ensure great sales. Read on and find out!

1. Get to know your clientele in depth

When we talk about the high-end market, it is necessary to consider the differences in this type of audience. Besides the essential care that the broker must have to deal with all clients, it is necessary to understand the subtleties of those looking for a luxury property.

The first point is to know that this clientele usually already has a consolidated equity and greater liquidity to close a deal. In practice, this means they don’t rely as much on credit.
In addition, they also tend to have very clear notions of their wants and needs, as they have the purchasing power to guarantee their comfort. This can be reflected in the size and location sought and in specific items such as the architect’s signature.

So, before opening your range of options, keep your ears open and write down everything that can help you define, as accurately as possible, what your customer wants.

2. Research the characteristics of the luxury property

Could you say what characterizes a luxury property? It is necessary to look for a set of factors that can indicate the high standard of a house or apartment. Are they:


Luxury property needs to be surrounded by others of the same standard. Pay attention to the neighborhood or region where it is located.


In the case of condominium units, the services need to include more than the pool + barbecue combo. There are developments that offer spa, gym, heated pool, or even concierge services.
In addition, the houses on the streets need to have a safe structure and an impeccable leisure area to serve residents.


Attention to the details. The materials for covering floors and walls make a difference. Among the preferred coatings are noble woods and imported marble.

3. Create a personalized service

Those looking for a luxury property are usually objective. Therefore, they prefer brokers who know how to listen more than speak and deliver quick results. They should not be seen as just another name on your list, but as a priority (without letting other customers down).
In addition, be careful in the selection and submission of materials, customizing the information as much as possible. Try to know the preferences for receiving material (digital or printed) and be always nearby to clearly answer any questions.

4. Pay attention to your appearance

Winning the customer’s trust is essential. Don’t forget to pay special attention to work clothes and accessories. Also, search the internet and seek inspiration from other successful professionals in the field.
When in doubt, choose classic pieces with the perfect fit for your body type. Invest in quality pieces to compose a wardrobe that will help ensure success in your career!

5. Seek improvement and professional qualification

Every good professional is constantly evolving. Therefore, seek to find out about the news in the real estate brokerage sector and how you can develop professionally. Read, research, and participate in online and face-to-face discussion groups.
In addition, be aware of new business possibilities in the luxury market to include in your property portfolio and increase your chances of closing deals.
Did you like our tips to sell luxury property and increase your commissions? We hope so! Take advantage of the comments area below and share with us your questions and other tips to win over high-end clientele.