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Dress code: clothing tips for realtors


Kings and queens of brokerage, here’s another invaluable piece of advice to help you be even more successful in sales: tips on how to dress . Whether it’s a more basic style or full of details, here you’ll have good dress code suggestions for realtors, which will suit all styles.

Since much of the work routine of brokers is visiting clients, there is nothing better than dressing up in clothes that convey professionalism. Fashion can indeed be a great ally in your daily life and, with the right pieces, the results will always be positive for sure. Follow our infallible dress code tips for realtors below.

For them

For many, many years, the fashion industry didn’t look so much at the male audience. It is for this very reason that many men find it difficult to dress. However, nowadays the options are better and the tips below will certainly help you not only in your professional life, but also in your personal life. But remember: less is more when deciding on the dress code, agreed?
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Generally, clothes for realtors follow more the formal line. To avoid mistakes, invest in complete suits that contain a jacket, shirt (which should always be tucked into the pants), pants, tie and dress shoes. Tip: the color of shoes and belt must always be the same or similar shades. Socks, on the other hand, need to be long, so when you sit down, your legs won’t be exposed. Now, if you need to use a purse, invest in folders to carry important papers, they give an elegant face to the look.

But suits aren’t the only dress code options for brokers. A good shirt with the correct length for your body and a simple wash jeans without too many details are also a good look to make a good impression on customers. In this case, a shoe with neutral colors such as black and white completes the look.

Has the office released a casual attire? Now the clothing options for realtors are much bigger! Unwashed jeans, neutral colored polo shirts, running shoes and docksides are most welcome.
On the accessories side, try to avoid, for example, watches that are too colorful for formal occasions. Minimalist and leather strap models are great options. (watches with analog dials add a modern touch to the look).

For them

Women can celebrate, as there is no lack of options when it comes to getting dressed to go to work. From more formal looks, to the simplest, but without losing the touch of seriousness, here you will see simple and easy clothing tips for realtors to close a good deal, visit clients or even stay in the office.

Perfect for formal looks, pencil skirts are a wildcard in women’s wardrobes. Wear it with a neutral-colored shirt, without too flashy prints (if you have a shirt with details on the sleeves, don’t think twice, they’re the right bet!).

If you don’t get along with skirts, invest in the most versatile piece in the world: jeans! Opt for a dark tone and preferably a high waist. At the top, you can wear a cardigan or sweater with a little more color over a white shirt.

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Now, if you are spending your days less on the streets and more in the office, know that you can do almost anything: colorful and patterned clothes, low-heeled shoes and sandals and the dearest jeans (but ripped versions are out of the question, ok?).

If you are going to wear accessories such as earrings and bracelets, the tip is to opt for minimalist models, without many details. Purses and handbags are released in neutral colors like white, black and nude.

For both

In addition to the dress code, pay attention to your haircut. Always keep it cut. Try to avoid using very strong perfumes, but also don’t forget to use a good perfume and deodorant. As well as clothes for realtors, shoes and accessories also need to be in an excellent state of repair.