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Discover the strength of women in real estate

Discover the strength of women in real estate

Women in the real estate market gained position, prominence and consolidated themselves as professionals. They have everything: they represent more than 40% of the force that drives real estate business in the country.
Among rights, duties and achievements, brokers are everywhere, occupying positions previously reserved only to men. Read on and discover all the strength of these professionals!

How can women act in this area?

They work in real estate, launch stands and as freelancers. In addition to working on these fronts, women also actively participate in the life of class entities linked to real estate brokerage.
Furthermore, side by side with men, they occupy positions of great influence on several of the brokers’ councils and unions: as advisers, directors, vice presidents and presidents.

Women’s trajectory in real estate

Amazingly, it’s been less than 60 years since women started working as stockbrokers. Until 1958, they were prohibited, by the Brazilian Commercial Code, from exercising the activity.
After the change in the Code, these professionals began to write their story in the real estate market. First, with timid representation. And over time, especially after the 1990s, more significantly.

Female participation in real estate brokerage

Nowadays, women already make up more than 40% of the contingent of brokerage professionals in the country. This information was released by the National Federation of Realtors (FENACI).
A survey carried out by the Regional Council of Real Estate Brokers of Rio de Janeiro (CRECI-RJ) shows how they are even gaining ground. The survey, released by the Association of Directors of Real Estate Market Companies (ADEMIRJ), shows a 122% increase in the number of women working in this area in Rio. This evolution took place in a single decade: from 2006 to 2016.

Challenges faced by brokers

Even with so many achievements in the bag, women who work as brokers still face challenges. Among them is the fact of having to deal with double working hours, an issue experienced by most workers in all sectors.

] If the double shift causes an overload for practically all women, with brokers the difficulty ends up being even greater. That’s because, when it comes to serving customers, day and time restrictions are set aside.
After all, inserted in a highly competitive market, this professional ends up having to adapt her availability to the clients’ needs. In this way, he often performs his work on weekends and holidays, as well as at unusual hours.

What are the advantages of working with real estate?

If the double shift plays against women brokers, the benefits of the profession weigh in favor of those who decide to make their living from real estate. Check out, below, 5 advantages provided by this office:

  1. possibility to grow in the profession — team coordination, management and even directorships are careers that can be pursued in real estate brokerage;
  2. Financial reward — the brokerage receives commissions on the real estate transactions in which it participates. The amount depends on the professional’s potential, not being limited;
  3. Flexibility of hours and autonomy — there are several hours in which a brokerage can perform its work. It is even possible to be autonomous in the profession;
  4. the career covers all age groups — there are no restrictions on the professional’s age, as the job is suitable for both young and more experienced;
  5. There are different areas of activity to be chosen — the brokerage can work in the sale of new or used properties, as well as attract and act in real estate with leasing and administration.

What does it take to become a realtor?

Register with CRECI

The first step in working in the area is to obtain registration with the Regional Council of Real Estate Brokers (CRECI). Each state has a CRECI, so you need to check the organ that works in a particular region. With this information in hand, you must fulfill the requirements to obtain such registration.

Mastering technical skills

It is necessary to have technical skills to establish yourself in the real estate profession. Among the knowledge that determines the success of a brokerage, the use of the main software used in the daily life of those working in real estate, such as text editors, spreadsheets and other technological tools, stands out.

Have an affinity with information and communication technologies

In a hyper connected world, driven by information and communication technologies (ICTs), it is up to brokers to keep up to date. Another fundamental element of a career is being able to fully exploit the benefits of digital communication.

Present human competences

The ability to interact with different consumer profiles and the diversity of people in the workplace is a fundamental prerequisite for success in real estate brokerage.
The broker also has to be proactive, motivated and committed to their tasks. Sympathy and charisma help (a lot!) in the rise of the professional, who profits even more by having the gift of leadership.

Be organized

The organization is another indispensable requirement for this career, as it is from there that the brokerage firm manages to make its work flow. It is necessary to effectively manage your customer base, know what stage each service is at and be on time to all scheduled appointments.

Furthermore, as it is very dynamic, the real estate market is undergoing constant transformation. Therefore, it is essential that the professional make time for courses, with the aim of expanding knowledge about the real estate sector.

Is there still prejudice against women in the real estate market?

Although we are a little distant from the time when women in the real estate market were viewed with suspicion, these professionals end up having to deal with situations of prejudice. A customer may express a preference for the service of a male broker, for example.

Cases like this still happen, but with less frequency than was seen a few decades ago. When considering the current position of women in real estate brokerage and comparing it to situations in which they still suffer prejudice, it is clear that there is an improvement in the situation.

As women in the real estate market came to add, nothing fairer than being on the rise. Aware of their role and importance, they do not disappoint. From novice brokers to the most recognized, capacity and determination are trademarks of those who multiply achievements.
Is that you? Do you know a broker that serves as an example for all these points covered? Let us know in the comments!