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Discover 7 types of properties and choose the best one for you


Buying a property is a business that attracts different types of buyers, don’t you agree? With the economic recovery, even if slowly, the real estate market is becoming an increasingly attractive field.
However, this is often an area that raises doubts for people, who do not deepen their knowledge and end up getting confused with the terms. As an example of these inquiries, we can mention the different types of existing property, which many buyers have never even heard of.

Do you know what apartment triplex or guarding is? If your answer was negative, rest assured, as from now on you will get to know these types of property and many others. Don’t waste any more time, read on!

Why should I know the property types?

To let you know how essential it is to understand the differences between real estate, let’s make an analogy: imagine that you go to a shoe store to buy a sneaker but you don’t know what each model’s functionality is. We must agree that the chances of choosing the ideal footwear are reduced with this lack of knowledge, right?

And real estate is no different! Knowing the different types is not only beneficial for the seller, as the buyer will be able to choose the one that best meets their needs — whether for purchase or rent.

In addition, by knowing the characteristics of each type of property, the client will be able to find the one that is ideal for their requirements, without being carried away by the seller.

Another valuable benefit is the understanding of the advantages and disadvantages of each property, allowing the future buyer to compare them and choose the one they like best.

What are the property types?

Now that you know how important it is to know property types, you definitely want to know them. So, to help you out, we’re going to show you some of the main ones here.

1. Studio

This is an apartment type that is relatively smaller in size, especially when compared to other property types. In general, it has about 30m² and has integrated rooms, as a strategy to increase the internal space.

The studio is similar to the loft — we’ll talk about it later — but it has more internal divisions, with rooms separated by walls, like a private bedroom. They are properties located in strategic areas of large urban centers — especially those where there is good infrastructure.

It is noteworthy that these types of apartments are located in buildings whose purpose is to offer more leisure to the resident, with collective services such as laundry and day care.

2. Loft

As you already know, the loft is very similar to the Studio, but it is a larger type of apartment, without any kind of partition. It appeared in the United States between the 60s and 70s, being related to the old industrial and commercial warehouses, which were renovated to be used as residences.

They are apartments measuring about 50m² — a little bigger in size when compared to studios. The lofts have all the rooms integrated and visible installations, referring to an industrial decoration. They also feature mezzanines and high ceilings with large windows.

3. Duplex and Triplex

The term duplex is used for apartments that have two floors, connected by a staircase. Following the same line of reasoning, triplex properties are those that have three floors.
They are larger apartments, as if they were townhouses, as they have more floors. In general, they are located on the roof of buildings, due to their infrastructure, and have higher prices, as their area is relatively larger compared to the others.

In these apartments, the division is made as follows: on the first floor are the social and service areas; on the upper floor there are more intimate rooms, such as bedrooms and bathrooms. The triplex, as it has a third floor, also has a leisure area, such as a games room and swimming pool.


4. Kitten

This is a type of apartment that has small proportions, usually consisting of only two or three rooms—a bathroom, a living room with a bedroom, and, in some cases, a separate kitchen.

The kitten has smaller dimensions compared to the rest of the apartments — with about 20 to 35m² only. It is intended for a single tenant, and some of these properties have two residents.

It is an investment that does not require high cost, especially due to its small area. Therefore, most of the time, the kittens are independent properties, that is, they are not located in buildings…

5. Flats

Flat is a type of compact apartment, however, with larger dimensions when compared to a kitten. It is ideal for people who want to live alone or couples who do not have children yet.

The provision of services is the main feature of this type of property, such as cleaning and food — just like what happens in hotels!
In addition, the flats also have a system known as “Pay If Use”: residents only pay for the services they use, prioritizing practicality.

6. Giordano or garden

Even though it is not a known property type, guarding is especially sought after by people who are migrating from a house to an apartment.

In general, they are on the ground floor of the building and have a garden or even a yard. These apartment models have a higher standard and may also have a barbecue and swimming pool.

7. Covers

Penthouses are apartments located on the top floor of buildings. They were only developed in the early 20th century — after elevator use became common practice in buildings.

In general, there are no other properties like the penthouse in the same building, as it takes up a considerable amount of space — it is usually the size of two apartments in the building where it is located.

This type of apartment usually features luxurious accommodation that sets it apart from other units. It also has entertainment spaces in the outdoor area, such as swimming pools and barbecues. Due to its characteristics, the roofs are properties of high purchasing value.