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ITBI – Check 05 frequently asked questions about this tax and don’t forget to put it in the planning!

The planning of your own home goes through several stages. This is a very common theme on our blog. We even have other materials here. One of the most important steps for planning is the financial one. Of course, we keep in mind that each family has its own reality. Thus, financial plans are diverse. Some prefer to finance the property over long periods. Others finance the […]

How should the broker set his sales target?

Some realtors work hard and with dedication, but they don’t see the results of their efforts meeting their expectations. This is because it is not enough to work hard, you have to work well. For this reason, setting a sales goal is so important. However, even though it seems like a simple task, a sales goal should be created based on studies […]

Dress code: clothing tips for realtors

Kings and queens of brokerage, here’s another invaluable piece of advice to help you be even more successful in sales: tips on how to dress . Whether it’s a more basic style or full of details, here you’ll have good dress code suggestions for realtors, which will suit all styles. Since much of the work routine of brokers is visiting clients, there is nothing better than […]