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Learn how to sell a property in a practical way

It’s time to change your address. The family will grow, the dream house is available for purchase, or the new job requires a move to another city. But how to sell a property in the midst of so many changes? What are the laws that govern the business and how to ensure that the property’s appreciation will be in the final sale price? There are […]

ITBI – Check 05 frequently asked questions about this tax and don’t forget to put it in the planning!

The planning of your own home goes through several stages. This is a very common theme on our blog. We even have other materials here. One of the most important steps for planning is the financial one. Of course, we keep in mind that each family has its own reality. Thus, financial plans are diverse. Some prefer to finance the property over long periods. Others finance the […]

Is it worth buying property on the plant? Find out here!

If you’ve ever thought about buying a house or apartment, then, for sure, you’ve already thought about whether it’s worth buying property on the floor plan, right? After all, the prices of this type of property purchase are lower, construction expenses can be lower compared to the finished property and not to mention the possibility of building according to your preferences. At first […]

How to pay rent in the pandemic

We have never experienced a humanitarian and economic crisis like the one caused by Covid-19. Many people have had their wages cut or been laid off from their jobs. It gets more complicated when these people live on rent. So we’ll give you some tips on how to pay rent in the pandemic. Check it out below! How to pay rent in the pandemic […]