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Green roof decorating possibilities and tips to have a green atmosphere on the roof of your home

With an enormous cultural diversity and internationally known for its urban innovations and care for the environment, São Paulo stands out for its movement to defend green areas. According to the United Nations, São Paulo has an index of green area per inhabitant of only 4m². Due to its large concentration of inhabitants, pollution and the lack of green areas affect the health of residents. […]

Follow speculation and find out if it’s worth buying property in 2020

The year 2020 kicked in! Changes in the Salic rate leaving interest rates with the lowest values ​​in the last decade. New trends in real estate and launches in full swing. Buying a property in 2020 was the first goal of many, with such positive scenarios. However, a huge pandemic that paralyzed the world economy. Okay, not what anyone expected? But, it’s there, and now, […]

First dream: See what is important when securing your first property!

Buying a property has never been easier! Pre-approved lines of credit and mortgages progress fast. And they generate more and more followers. Launches are planned and carried out during all periods of the year. Builders and developers are working at full speed to have more and more products for you. Now, do you know what is important when securing the purchase of your first […]

Dress code: clothing tips for realtors

Kings and queens of brokerage, here’s another invaluable piece of advice to help you be even more successful in sales: tips on how to dress . Whether it’s a more basic style or full of details, here you’ll have good dress code suggestions for realtors, which will suit all styles. Since much of the work routine of brokers is visiting clients, there is nothing better than […]

Discover the strength of women in real estate

Women in the real estate market gained position, prominence and consolidated themselves as professionals. They have everything: they represent more than 40% of the force that drives real estate business in the country. Among rights, duties and achievements, brokers are everywhere, occupying positions previously reserved only to men. Read on and discover all the strength of these professionals! How can women act […]

Decrease in the Fine for Termination – Follow the news of the bill that promises to improve the buyer’s life

The real estate buyer must feel secure in purchasing, or giving up, their purchase. Changing your mind is perfectly normal, as the process of buying a property can go through ups and downs. Therefore, legal processes are created and improved from time to time. Recently, in May 2019, Bill of Law (PL) No. 3049/2019 was presented to the Chamber of Deputies. Basically, it […]